Warriors are grown adult Clan cats that feed, hunt, and help their Clan. Their existence are important to the overall survival of the Clan, because of their duties and service.

Description Edit

As an apprentice, the warrior learned the arts of fighting and hunting. They also learned The Warrior Code. Once fully trained by their Mentor, they became a warrior and got a new suffix. They spend their first night keeping a silent vigil to honor StarClan. The warrior's job is to provide the Clan safety, food, and shelter. In their oath to become a warrior, they pledge to protect their clan, even at the cost of their life. They make up the bulk of the Clan, because the Clans need a lot of warriors for great protection and feeding. If a female warrior becomes pregnant, they retire temporialy and become a Queen. Once a warrior gets too old, or gets injured/paralysis to the point they can no longer complete their duties, they retire and become an Elder.

Tasks Edit

  • Hunting
  • Border Patrols
    • Remark Boundaries
    • Chase Out Intruders
  • Security
    • Chase/Fight Off Any Intruders
    • Guard Camp
    • Rebuild Camp/Dens If Damaged
  • Mentoring an Apprentice
  • Battle Patrols

Those are the main tasks, but there can also be smaller/less common ones. These include: accompanying the Leader or Medicine Cat to the sacred place or some other destination, collecting herbs, collecting moss, or helping around in camp.

Education Edit

After reaching the age of six moons, the kit becomes an apprentice. The apprentice is trained by a mentor, a warrior in which the leader believes can train the cat well, until they are ready to become a warrior. They have mastered hunting, fighting, the Code, and other skills at this stage. They become a warrior and gain a new suffix.

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