A Tribe is like a Clan, they have different ranks and all depend on each other. They have different ancestors. They believe in something like StarClan, but it is called the Tribe of Shining Stars. They have somewhat a leader and a healer, and queens who care for their kits.

Examples Edit

Currently, there are two known tribes, both with very diverse lifestyles.

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Tribe of Flowing Waves Edit

The Tribe of Flowing Waves lives in the mountains, unlike any other group or Clan out there. They mainly prey on eagles, large birds, mice, and other rodents and prey. They have a Healer, who is in charge of leading and healing the Clan. The healer usually cannot leave their den, unless emergencies or special occasions (such as Ceremonies.) They also have Prey-Hunters (the Tribe's hunters) and Cave-Guards (the Tribe's fighters and guarders). Those two ranks are much like a Clan's warriors. They have Kit Mothers, who care for their kits. Along with that, they have To Be's, who are like a Clan's apprentices. They are mentored by a Cave Guard or a Prey Hunter. The Healer decides if they'll be a cave-guard or prey-hunter based at their state of body at birth.

Tribe of Falling Leaves Edit

The Tribe of Falling Leaves is very different from the Tribe of Flowing Waves. The Tribe of Falling Leaves does not have any set ranks, besides the Healer Healer's Apprentice, and the "Regular Cats". "Regular Cats" are like a Clan's warriors. They hunt, fight, protect, and train. However, "Regular Cats" are called Leaf Warriors. Leaf Warriors have three variations-- Mothering, Standard, and Trainer. The Trainer is a cat who trains a young apprentice into becoming a great Leaf Warrior. Standard Leaf Warriors are usually apprentices who just got the rank. But, they can also be cats who are not nursing kits or training apprentices. The Mothering variation is a female Leaf Warrior who is nursing kits. When her kits become apprentices, she will return to either the Standard position or the Trainer position. The Tribe of Falling Leaves live next to a pond, the Great Hills, the Barn, StormClan, and LeafClan. They are inspired by the Clan's way of live, but still continue their old and vast traditions. They prey on woodland and safari prey. They live in a forest and grassland/safari mix.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite having two known Tribes, it is possible there may be more introduced later on, or ones that exist but are unknown to the safari residents.
  • The Tribe of Falling Leaves have single word names. (e.g. Safari or Blue.)

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