Thunder's Group is a rogue group led by Thunder. They took over StormClan previous home at the Plains.

Cats of this group are often marked by a nicked ear, and carry the scent of fox dung.

History Edit

When LightningClan left with the other Clans to find a new home at the Lake, Thunder sought an opportunity to settle and create his own Clan. However, that plan backfired, and he found himself leading a rogue group.

Thunder's Group's early life was filled with war and battle.

One day, the significant warriors, including Thunder himself, received nicked ears. They saw it not as a flaw, but a good scar. Thunder declared that every member then must have a nicked ear.

The members of Thunder's Group carry the scent of fox-dung. The story behind this takes place not too long after the nicked ears. A clumsily young member of the group was out spying with a sibling, the same age. But the clumsily one slipped into a pile of fox-dung. The pair continued on until they reached their destination-- Shadow's Group's well guarded camp. They were assigned to collect information on how it's guarded, to improve their own group's security,

Appetite Edit

Their appetite mainly consists of shrews, mice, squirrels, voles, and other woodland prey.