Sagedawn is a meek, calm, soothing, pale white, blue-eyed, short-furred, clever, motherly, loving, protective, she-cat.

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  • A rumor was passed that Sagedawn and Poppystep were sisters, but the author confirmed it to be false in a Q&A slideshow.
  • She and Poppystep both had "flowerly/pretty" names because it reflected their personality and appearance at their younger warrior stage.
  • Originally, it was said that Sagedawn did not have a mate, however, it became Darktail in Gazelleleap's Tale.

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Darktail: Status Unknown


Gazelleleap: Deceased, As of Gazelleleap's Tale


Foxblaze: Status Unknown

Gorseflame: Status Unknown


Cindertuft: Living, As of Gazelleleap's Tale

Rainfeather: Living, As of Gazelleleap's Tale


Mudstripe: Living, As of Gazelleleap's Tale

Ashwhisker: Living, As of Gazelleleap's Tale

Great Grandson:

Tawnykit: Living, Verified

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