Unreleased books are those that have been verified for publishing (and thus worthy of immediate inclusion in the Gazelleleap's Tale Wiki) but have not yet been published. This policy will outline the procedure for attending to the management of these highly sensitive (and abuse prone) pages.

Page Creation Edit

  1. The central book page will be created as soon as possible following the addition of the book to the Main Booklist as a stub.
  2. The additional pages (Allegiances, Chapter-by-chapter Notes, Character List, and Book Cover Gallery) may be stubbed out as well.

Tags & Categories Edit

  1. The Unreleased Tag should be applied to each page created.
  2. The Unreleased Category should be applied to each page created.
  3. The Stubs Category & Stub Tag should NOT be applied to these pages.
  4. The Books Category should be applied to the central book page.
  5. The Category for characters in that book should be applied to the Allegiances page if it has been created.

Protection Edit

All pages for the unreleased title will be protected from editing by non-logged in members to prevent vandalism and speculation without accountability.

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