Basic GuidelinesEdit

  • The beginning of a character's history (Just below their description, and just above the ==History== header) should be marked with a {{startspoiler}} tag and the end of the character's family section should be marked with an {{endspoiler}} tag. It should be noted that the endspoiler tag occurs before the citations section.
  • A book's plot summary and additional information should be marked with spoiler tags.
    • Cliffnotes pages should have spoiler tags around the start and end of all the chapter sections. Allegiances and Galleries do not need spoiler tags.
    • World articles should have spoiler tags about any parts of them that reveal what happens in a book rather than basic information about a location or feature of the Warriors world. (i.e., you could explain what the Moonpool is before a spoiler tag, but before explaining when someone goes to it in a certain book you would put the tag)
  • Unreleased book articles should not have any plot information added to them until the release.
  • Information from books that have yet to be released should not be added in character history until the release.
EXCEPTION: When the official Browse Inside comes out from the author (NOT an excerpt in the back of another book!), spoilers that can be seen from the book's Allegiances can be posted, such as name changes, rank changes, or new cats, but no information past that (such as history) should be posted until the book's release.
  • When discussing spoilers from an unreleased book on user talk pages or blogs, users are recommended to mark these comments with bold text spoiler notes; i.e: SPOILER It's revealed in Night Whispers that... SPOILER END.
    • It should be noted this is not a strict rule, but highly encouraged, as a common courtesy for other users who may not have heard said spoilers.

Specific GuidelinesEdit

  • Do not add spoilers into character descriptions; list them only in the appropriate History section.
    • These include anything that alters the character's original appearance in the series. HOWEVER, if a character has a certain defect or injury from birth, such as Jaystripe's one-blind-eye, it is not spoiling anything and thus should be included in the description.