NightClan is a group of cats that live in the marshlands and pines of the forest. Their founding leader, Nightstar, was part of the original rogue group that traveled to the lake looking for wealth with his companions. But they all got into a major argument, fought, and separated over greed, anger, and distrust.


They have always seemed to be the 'darker clan' with more fierce and dishonest warriors. They take after Nightstar, their first leader and founder, who always argued with Stormstar and her Clan, StormClan. Nightstar always had a 'harder' heart, and taught down how he felt to kin and clanmates from generations. That gene takes place on present-day NightClan, and the members of it. They are greedy, proud, wily, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant. They might not always stay that way, they just need some cat to set their minds straight.

In the present, Brokenclaw is making a heavier impact on NightClan as deputy and is adding more of that 'dark' reputation onto the Clan's shoulders.



  • Camp - A well-concealed hollow, surrounded by mossy stone walls, and bramble thickets. It has a tunel of prickly and fierce brambles at all entrances and exits, and has a huge rock in the center from before Nightstar formed NightClan.
  • Russet Forset - Named after a young apprentice (Russetpaw) who died defending her Clan. A place of redwood pine trees nextdoor to the mossy hollow camp.
  • Red Rock Clearing - Often fought over with StormClan, a red rock clearing plentiful with sand, gravel, stones, moss, water, and some prey. A good house for snakes, on the down side.
  • Abandoned Twoleg Nest - Often fought over with StormClan, an empty twoleg house, home to two obnoxious kittypets. The yard is what is sought in battle, for it has a plentiful collection of a working automatic herb garden and water, and it attracts lots of prey.
  • WildClan Rock - This place is on the border of LakeClan, and was once part of history when a long time ago, the third leaders of NightClan and LakeClan (Hickorystar of ShadowClan and Miststar of LakeClan) gathered and joint clans for four seasons. This alliance was broken up, however, when Russetpaw found evidence that LakeClan turned against him close to camp, and reported to Hickorystar. There was a brutal battle for WildClan, and resulted in the death of many, including young Russetpaw.


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History of Ranks


Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In... Deputy(s)
Nightstar Before Gazelleleap's Tale Before Gazelleleap's Tale Kinkclaw
Whitestar Before Gazelleleap's Tale --- Brokenclaw


Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In...
Kinkclaw Before Gazelleleap's Tale Before Gazelleleap's Tale
Brokentail Before Gazelleleap's Tale ---

Medicine Cat

Name Gained Rank In... Left Rank In...
Acorntruffle Before Gazelleleap's Tale Before Gazelleleap's Tale
Smallcloud Before Gazelleleap's Tale --
Swiftnose Before Gazelleleap's Tale --


  • The clan was originally called ShadeClan, until the idea was dropped.
  • There may be a novella about ShadeClan's point of view in the Founder's Battle, and will feature the other clans and the founders: Nightstar, Stormstar, Breezestar, Lakestar, and Leafstar.

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