Mentors are warriors who train apprentices to become warriors. They teach the Warrior Code, hunting, good manners, and fighting.

Training and Process Edit

When a kit reaches six moons, they become apprenticed to a mentor. The leader of the Clan chooses a mentor based on what the warrior has in common and different with the apprentice. They do this to teach new skills and improve on ones the apprentice already possesses. When the apprentice has learned all criteria, they are given a final assessment, in which it tests the apprentice's skill. This is usually traveling to a distance with fellow apprentices/a partner, or hunting. After passing an assessment, the apprentice must journey to the Moonpool to talk to StarClan. They usually go with the leader as they share dreams. The apprentice finally becomes a warrior after all that. The leader holds a ceremony for the apprentice, and gives it a warrior name.

Other Information Edit

Apprentices are usually never mentored by their parents, as the parents may be too soft on their kit. Warriors can also request to be a mentor to a certain kit, however, they are not always guaranteed to get that kit, or an apprentice at all. Not every warrior becomes a mentor, because the warrior must possess certain qualities. Patience is one important quality warriors must have. Mentors can also have more than one apprentice, but this is not common nor recommended. Leaders usually train the deputy's kits, or important kits, such as if they are featured in a prophecy. Apprentices aren't always kit-born, sometimes they are older, and came in from the outside world. Either from a rogue, loner, kittypet, Tribe, or other background. Experience is not required to become a mentor. A mentor can be a new warrior, or a senior warrior. Kits can have their apprenticeship delayed. Reasons for delay include: punishment for mischievous activity (sneaking out, behavior, etc.), injury or temporarily paralysis, or strength. If a kit is very weak when they are six moons, they may have to wait a few extra moons to get to a safe-state before training with a mentor. Mentors can also be stripped from having an apprentice. This occurs if the mentor abuses the privilege or the apprentice, or doesn't act mature about it. They have to behave properly and put safety first above skill and teachings.

Ceremony Edit

Leader: Some of our kits have reached the age of Six Moons. (Kit names) are ready to become apprenticed. (Kit), from this day forward until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as (Apprentice Name). (Calls Mentors forward). (Mentor), it is time for you to have an apprentice. StarClan recognizes your (skill or skills) and they hope you pass down that onto (Apprentice).

Then, the apprentice and the mentor touch touches as a sign of trust, or acceptance.