"I've made mistakes, everyone has, but mistakes can lead to succes. It's how you learn."
Gazelleleap thinking to herself in Gazelleleap's Tale, chapter 16
Gazelleleap is a small, lean, long-furred, brown, uniquely marked, dark pawed, light muzzled, she-cat, sleek, thick pelt, pale cheek striped, white face striped, brown tail, she has bright, emerald green eyes, and large ears.

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  • Originally, Gazelleleap was born a cat in the original roleplay based off the author's second favorite animal. However it was changed to give her some uniqueness. Her fur was originally golden with black eye spots, ear tips, paws, and tail tip.
  • Gazelleleap originally didn't have a cat father in the first version, but in the second version, her father is Darktail.
  • Gazelleleap was the author's first ever own character, and the first name for this series she came up with.
  • Brindleflame, Roseheart, and Meadowfur always get their suffixes mixed up and changed. There's been -fur, -pelt, -heart, and -flower, plus more additional mix up suffixes.

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Cheetahpelt: Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Brindleflame: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Roseheart: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Meadowfur: Living Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Cinderpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Rainpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)


Ashpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Mudpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)


Darktail: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Dusk: Status Unknown


Sagedawn: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member

Ginger: Status Unknown


Gorseflame: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Foxtooth: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member

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