"Back so soon, Gazellekit?"
Dewyleaf to Gazellekit in Gazelleleap's Tale, chapter 2

Dewyleaf is a small, lean, long-furred, silver tabby, white muzzled, she-cat, with sleek, thick fur, with a shaded underbelly, and dark green emerald eyes, with small furry ears.

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Dewyleaf is first mentioned in Gazelleleap's Tale when Gazellekit is given a tour of camp by Ocelotspots. Ocelotspots tells the kit she can come to Dewyleaf and Jaystripe whenever she's sick. Dewyleaf then grunts, saying to not pretend and waste their time. As Ocelotspots and Gazellekit leave, Ocelotspots describes Dewyleaf as cranky. After Cheetahkit scratches Gazellekit one morning, Gazellekit is promptly taken to Dewyleaf by Sagedawn, her mother. Dewyleaf then purrs, remarking gazellekit's back so soon. Then Dewyleaf applies the herb remedies to heal the kit, while Sagedawn helps her stay still. After Lionkit and Leopardkit fight with tooth and claw, the two troublesome kits are ordered by Poppystep to go see Dewyleaf and Jaystripe before they kill each other. When Lionkit and Leopardkit go missing; Hailstar, Dawnheart, and Dewyleaf are seen on the highrock as Dawnheart asks about the kits. Then when Dawnheart assigns search parties, and Wrenbranch questions what defense is left in the Camp, Hailstar tells him that theres him, Sagedawn, Poppystep, Cedarfall, Tawnyflare, the kits, Jaystripe, and Dewyleaf. After Gazellekit is apprenticed, Wrenbranch takes her on a tour of the territory. When they visit Dewyleaf's herb garden, Wrenbranch wonders how Dewyleaf accomplished the massive garden.

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  • Dewyleaf was reincarnated as Dewystripe.
  • Dewyleaf was one of the author's first characters.
  • Dewyleaf always felt she was responsible for her parent's deaths, making her cranky.

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