"StormClan, attack!"
Dawnstar in Gazelleleap's Tale, chapter 5
Dawnstar is a gray, lean, large, lithe, pale, gray-white she-cat, with soft, thick, long fur, a broad face, a scar on her back leg, and golden, hazel eyes.

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  • Dawnstar was mistakenly called Dawnpelt in the original print in the Allegiances of Gazelleleap's Tale.
  • Dawnstar had a mate and kits in the original series, but since their names were lost and forgotten, the idea was dropped in the book. Her mate was named Thrushwhisker and one of three kits was a female with the prefix Night, who would later become StormClan's medicine cat.
  • Dawnstar had 3 kits in the roleplay, and a golden furred mate. One daughter's prefix was Night, who became a medicine cat.
  • She always felt close to Hailstar and Tawnyflare, as well as Brightwhisker.
  • She chose Brightwhisker as deputy because of how she wanted to take Gazelleleap in.

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Nine Lives Edit

Life Given by Gift How it was Lost
Hailstar Leadership Unknown
Dewyleaf Humor Unknown
Lightning Trust Unknown
Unknown Love
Unknown Endurance
Unknown Compassion
Unknown Pride
Unknown Patience
Unknown Courage

Deputies Edit

Name From To
Brightwhisker Gazelleleap's Tale Present