Cherrygaze is a female, ginger tabby, she-cat, with green eyes.

History Edit

In Gazelleleap's Tale Edit

Cherrygaze is described as weird, jealous, suspicious, and desperate by Gorsepaw and Gazellepaw.

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Trivia Edit

  • Cherrygaze had always wanted a mate or kits, but her personality drove the toms away from her. Gorseflame revealed that she wanted Foxblaze to be the best warrior when she was done mentoring him in order to gain a better reputation. She also wanted to be deputy, then leader, but her personality too wasn't quite right for the position.
  • It was revealed that Dawnstar gave her a deputy test before Brightwhisker's, but she had failed it, in attempt to killing a cat featured in it to defend StormClan. Dawnstar believed it was too harsh of her, but she gave Cherrygaze another chance when Foxblaze became her apprentice.