"Everything is going to be okay. I am here for you and will always be."
Cheetahpelt to Gazelleleap after Tawnyflare died in Gazelleleap's Tale, chapter 17

Cheetahpelt is a large, lean, short-furred tom, with a brown, yellow, cream furred pelt, tom, and yellow warm eyes.

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Gazelleleap's Tale Edit

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  • Cheetahpelt original disliked Gazelleleap, under his sibling's influence, but they made up and became best friends, better yet mates.
  • Cheetahpelt was originally going to have a cheetah printed pelt, but this was changed so it would be easier to draw.
  • Cheetahpelt disliked his siblings but refused to show it in his life.
  • Cheetahpelt felt closest to Ashpaw, especially because he was the strongest of the second litter of their kits and he wasn't a female like the others, despite Mudpaw being male as well.
  • Cheetahpelt liked Gazelleleap the moment he first saw her, despite being rude to her.

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Gazelleleap: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Brindleflame: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Roseheart: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Meadowfur: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Cinderpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Rainpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)


Ashpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)

Mudpaw: Living (As of Gazelleleap's Tale)


Wrenbranch: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Poppystep: Deceased, Verified StarClan Member


Leopardflame: Status Unknown


Liontooth: Status Unknown

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