"Watch what you say, little kit!"
Brokenclaw to Cheetahkit in Gazelleleap's Tale, chapter 6

Brokenclaw is a lean, massive, scarred, dark brown tabby, tom, with unusually long, thick, patchy, matted, ragged fur, a long spine, broad shoulders, orange eyes, a scarred broad, flat face, torn ears, and a broken claw on one foot, hence the name.

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  • His apprentice and kit name is unknown, but he did not have the -broken prefix. He was given a new prefix when he became a warrior, because as an apprentice he got a broken claw picking too many unnecessary fights, and refusing to be treated by the medicine cat.
  • Brokenclaw's ambition was driven by his mentor, who told him in NightClan he could do what he wanted. He was inspired by the leader before Whitestar, who was bold and fought for NightClan against StormClan. He wanted to be leader then badly.

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None known as of now.

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